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The NDSU Impact Fund provides funding for programs that have a direct, positive impact on the lives of students. Available to students, faculty, staff and recognized student groups, the NDSU Impact Fund is supported by contributions from alumni, parents, friends and the Bison Bidders Bowl. The impact fund offers grants from $20,000 to $75,000 through the NDSU Impact Fund Grant Program.

"We receive applications from all across campus, and look for proposals that will make a significant impact," said John Wold, chair of the foundation's Grants and Awards Committee. "It's very exciting. We have significant amounts of money to support programs that will have some visibility and the foundation's name will be attached to them."

Wold said possible applications may include, but not be limited to, significant lecture series featuring important national or international figures, major workshops, and technology or equipment with broad use.

"We know this program is really a terrific opportunity for our campus," Wold said. "The NDSU Impact grants are on a much larger scale and order of magnitude than the committee has dealt with in the past."

Past Awards
   - Thought Leader Workshop Series
   - 30 Digital Interactive Whiteboards
   - Center for Cloud Computing
   - Two Symposiums for the School of Music
   - Seven High Performance Computers with a Graphic Processing Unit
   - Bison Information Network Updates

Application information available in August, 2014.

How to Support the NDSU Impact Fund