Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships have long been a critical component of the land-grant ideal that affordability should not be a barrier to qualified students who want to come to North Dakota State University to prepare for meaningful careers.

The University's outstanding academic and research programs appeal to the best and the brightest students. However, financial restrictions often prevent even the most talented students from attending NDSU. With the cost of higher education steadily rising, nearly 75% of North Dakota State students today rely on some form of financial support to attend the University.

Our nation's most valuable resource is its educable youth. It is tragic to deny a capable student the opportunity to continue their education at the college level simply due to a financial barrier. In order to provide help to talented students, we must continue to strive to build an endowed scholarship program that will remove those barriers.

For more information about creating a need-based scholarship, contact Jared Miller at (701) 231-6800.

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