Impact on Students

Megan Michaelson – Dickinson, ND
Mary J. Berg Scholarship
Megan grew up in Dickinson, ND. Her older sister was a pharmacy graduate at NDSU, and she knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps, as Megan has a passion for helping others. She knew NDSU was the only place for her.

Megan, a third year pharmacy student, describes her donor as “amazing.” She received an email last summer informing her she was a recipient of the Mary J. Berg Memorial Scholarship. Part of the eligibility requirements for the scholarship is to be a woman in the Pharmacy program. Megan loved finding out that Mary J. Berg was an internationally known pharmacist who focused on women’s issues in her work..

The Mary J. Berg Memorial Scholarship will cover Megan’s tuition at NDSU for the next year. It is truly a blessing for her, since many fourth year pharmacy students are busy with rotation and have little time to work. Megan said it has inspired her to give back to NDSU when she is able to.

Catheryn Barth – Cokato, MN
Dean Charlotte Bennett Memorial Scholarship
Catheryn is a junior at NDSU majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Human Development and Family Science. She has found a home at NDSU, which would not have been possible without the financial support she received through the college of Human Development and Education. Catheryn is a recipient of the Dean Charlotte Bennett Memorial Scholarship. Catheryn has one sister who is also in college right now. When they were both in high school, their dad passed away, leaving their mother as the sole provider for Catheryn and her sisters' educations. Receiving the Dean Charlotte Bennett Memorial Scholarship has relieved a good deal of financial stress from her family.

Catheryn and her family are grateful for the donations and support given to NDSU scholarships, and they would like to thank those both passed and living for their generosity.

Brittany Fritel – Knox, ND
Jeannine Knote Peterson Earl B. Peterson Family Scholarship
Brittany was awarded the Jeannine Knote Peterson Earl B. Peterson Family Scholarship last fall. She was extremely grateful for the scholarship because she didn’t qualify for government financial aid due to her parents’ income.

To show her gratitude, Brittany wrote Mr. Peterson a letter thanking him and his late wife for their generous gift. She asked him questions about his late wife and her upbringing. Mr. Peterson responded with a letter stating how happy he was that his family’s scholarship is going to someone so thankful for the help. He expressed how his wife loved being a teacher and the great impact she made in her profession. He wrote about how he and his wife met, where she grew up, and a brief synopsis of their lives together. Coincidentally, she and Brittany grew up in the same area of North Dakota.

Brittany is very thankful for Mr. Peterson and his wife’s generosity, which is paving the way for future Family and Consumer Science teachers.

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