Highlights of the North Dakota Wheat Commission’s partnership with NDSU.

ND Wheat Commision

The North Dakota Wheat Commission understands what the state’s wheat producers need to compete in a growing global market.

The Wheat Commission has partnered with North Dakota State University for a sizeable portion of its research and market promotion efforts since the commission’s creation in 1959.

“NDSU and the land grant system are great resources that serve the needs of agriculture in North Dakota and the surrounding region very well,” said North Dakota Wheat Commission Administrator Neal Fisher.

“This is very important since agriculture continues to be the backbone of the North Dakota economy, with the simple farmgate value of the state’s major crops and livestock enterprises annually averaging $10 billion to $12 billion in recent years,” Fisher added.

Leader in quality wheat production
North Dakota leads the nation in producing hard red spring and durum wheat. These premium U.S. wheat classes are known globally for their high quality and reliability, winning favor with a global flour milling, baking and pasta industry customer base of nearly 100 countries.

Wheat producers help fund research and market promotion, and other key programs, with their own investment through a 1.5 cent check-off on each bushel sold. Nearly one-third of the commission’s annual $4.5 million budget is dedicated to research priorities, such as variety development, quality enhancement and pest and disease resistance. The overall goal is to improve the bottom line for wheat producers through improved genetics, management practices, customer service and enhanced marketing opportunities.

Supporting research and transformational projects
The commission writes contracts with key departments at NDSU for specific wheat research projects, averaging $1.5 million annually. The commission typically does not invest in brick and mortar projects; however, it has provided financial support for three transformational projects at NDSU.

  • Northern Crops Institute. The institute aids the Wheat Commission in its promotion, customer service and market development programs for wheat, along with other commodity groups that also contract for services related to their own market development and promotion missions. International wheat buyers from more than 100 countries, sponsored by the Wheat Commission and U.S. Wheat Associates, receive training in price risk management, grain procurement, milling processes and end-use wheat quality. Local producers also receive similar training in these programs.
  • Agricultural Experiment Station Research Greenhouse. The commission offered early support for the greenhouse complex in 2008, sparking interest from other commodity groups and additional support and authorization for funding from the state legislature. The commission’s initial $250,000 investment led to additional installments totaling $1 million, the largest match commitment for phase I. Wheat producers will benefit from the improved genetics and enhanced production capabilities facilitated by cutting-edge research conducted in the new facility, which was dedicated November 13, 2015.
  • Center for Risk and Trading. The center’s Commodity Training Room is a premier teaching facility for commodity marketing, logistics, trading and risk management. The commission pledged $350,000 through the state’s challenge grant program offered in 2015. The commission’s investment, along with those of numerous other donors, provides ongoing support through an endowment that generates funding for programs, student scholarships, faculty development and continuing education opportunities for industry. International customers, such as those who visit the Northern Crops Institute, and the state’s wheat producers are able to hone their marketing skills, allowing them to more effectively participate in an increasing volatile global market.

1862 Society
The North Dakota Wheat Commission is a member of the 1862 Society, which is the highest level of recognition from the NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association. The society honors individuals and organizations with accumulated gifts, or outright gifts or pledges of more than $1 million to the university.

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