Gift Options


A donation of your closely held stock can be a fine way for you to make a sizable charitable contribution while realizing valuable tax benefits.


Review this checklist to see if you may benefit from donating closely held stock. Then, consult your professional legal and tax advisors to see how to maximize the benefits of this tax-efficient strategy for making a difference at NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association.

  • You are a majority shareholder in a closely held corporation.
  • You would like to remove retained earnings from the corporation without having them taxed again.
  • You would like to support our important work.
  • You would like to maintain a controlling position in the corporation's outstanding stock.

Here's how to take advantage of charitable giving through a gift of closely held stock.

  1. Let NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association know of your intentions. Be sure there are no restrictions on the transfer of your stock, and it is debt-free. Once we know your plans for making a gift of closely held stock, we can evaluate it to ensure that we can accept the stock according to our guidelines.
  2. Determine how you would like NDSU Foundation to use your gift of closely held stock. Do you have a particular program in mind that you would like to fund with your gift? Or will your gift be unrestricted, enabling us to use the proceeds for our most pressing needs? If you choose to specify the purpose for your gift, please let us know so we can ensure that your intentions can be fulfilled.
  3. Meet with your professional advisors. Discuss your possible tax and financial benefits with your professional advisors to ensure that this gift meets your goals. If the value of your shares is greater than $10,000, you will also need to arrange for a qualified appraisal to document your charitable income tax deduction.
  4. Meet with us to finalize your gift. During this meeting, we will discuss the three steps above and complete any necessary paperwork, including endorsing the stock certificates to us. Finally, let us thank you for your gift!

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