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Past Impact Grant Applications


Digital Radiography

The Veterinary Technology Program was awarded a grant to convert their current film-based radiography (x-ray) machine and film processor to a digital radiography system. A digital radiography system will enhance student learning and safety, provide additional skills and knowledge to program graduates, and allow Veterinary Technology Program students to learn using the same type of equipment they will be required to use in practice.

Conversion to a digital radiography system will decrease costs by eliminating the need for radiographic film and processing chemicals. It will also increase safety by lessening an individual's exposure to radiation and eliminating one's exposure to processing chemicals.

Digital radiography allows for on-screen manipulation and correction of images after processing, resulting in fewer retake radiographs. With digital radiography, there is no need to store film and processing chemicals. There is no need to file and store processed film radiographs, which can take up a large amount of space. Digital radiography also offers almost immediate feedback to students on their radiographic technique and positioning. With digital radiography, the image is available on the computer screen within seconds to minutes, allowing students to obtain rapid and vital feedback on their performance.

Dakota Fiber Initiative

A grant was awarded to the Information Technology Division and Student Government to support the Dakota Fiber Initiative (DFI) in its work to improve broadband internet access to residences and businesses across the state. The purpose of DFI is to provide affordable, world-class internet speed and reliability to every individual in the state of North Dakota.

Digital Design Classroom

A grant was awarded to the Department of Visual Arts to establish a Digital Design Classroom. The Digital Design Classroom will provide critical computing and output resources needed to sustain and develop programs in photography and design/digital media.

The grant will allow the addition of 20 Thunderbolt monitors, 10 medium and three large format inkjet printers, and six Quad-core computing towers. The new equipment will prepare students for a dynamic and tech-centered job market following graduation.

Wireless Presentation System

A grant was awarded to Information Technology Services to install a wireless presentation system in existing smart classrooms. A wireless presentation system will give instructors, students, and presenters the ability project to the classroom display from anywhere in the room using their mobile device or laptop.

Establishing the Business Library Collection

The Business Learning Center at the NDSU College of Business was awarded a grant to establish a collection of information to support student and faculty research. These new resources include current industry financial ratios, market share reports, company histories, global company financial data, and marketing data.

The resources listed will expand NDSU's scholarly research capacity as they provide faculty with a more complete set of company-level and industry-level data important to both cross-sectional and longitudinal business research.

These resources allow students to find the information they need for a variety of class projects required throughout their business coursework and allow professors to assign additional research projects to better prepare students for their business careers.

Projection Installation in Production Facilities

The Division of Performing Arts' Production Facilities was awarded a grant to install pro-level projection in the Festival Concert Hall and Beckwith Recital Hall and add digital signage boards in the Challey Atrium. The new technology will immensely improve the production facilities' ability to deliver the services and technological offerings regularly requested and expected by both internal and visiting academics and lecturers, touring musicians, theatrical artists, hypnotists, comedians, opera companies, and social rallies.

This project will help create a solid foundation of innovative technology that can be used in new and always developing ways. It will provide students, faculty, producing organizations, and the production facility workers with hands-on experience using state-of-the-art production/presentation technology.

Additive Manufacturing Laboratory and Enhanced 3D Printing

A grant was awarded to the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering to create an Additive Manufacturing Laboratory with enhanced 3-D printing capabilities.

The proposed facility will help students gain hands-on experience using state-of-the-art 3-D printing equipment and ensure exposure to next generation advanced manufacturing technology. Dr. Khoda, PI of the project, bought Projet 660 (uses Binder Jetting technology) and Form 1 (uses Vat Photo-polymerization technology) equipment that will bring diversified 3-D printing capabilities to NDSU. The facility will be utilized for teaching various courses, developing new courses, and allowing for student participation in nationwide competitions in additive manufacturing.

Bike Share Program

A grant was awarded to help fund the launch of a new bike share program at NDSU. The program started in March 2015 and includes 11 docking stations: six on campus and five downtown. Students will be able to use their Bison ID cards at any of the docking stations at no cost to them as long as the bike is returned to any docking station within 30 minutes. The bikes are also available for public use at a cost of $75 a year, $15 a month, or $6 a day. You can learn more by going to www.greatridesbikeshare.org.

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