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Bison Explorers Travel

Travel Photos and Testimonials

Below you will find photos and testimonials from fellow Bison who have travelled with us in the past. If you have participated in one of our recent travel opportunities, we'd love to hear from you! Send a photo and quote about your experience to office@ndsufoundation.com and you may be featured on this page.

Outrageous Outback – NDSU alumni and friends
Outrageous Outback – NDSU alumni and friends travel event
The cruise was fabulous. I think I can speak for all of the Bison Explorers and say it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we all had fun. The Go Next team was excellent—they calmly handled every detail for our excursions, and the itinerary was perfect. We didn’t see it all, but we enjoyed all of the places we explored. We are ready to go again!
David Sprynczynatyk

NDSU alumni and friends, on the Southern Grandeur Mississippi river cruise
NDSU alumni and friends, on the Southern Grandeur Mississippi river cruise 2017 Travel

NDSU alumni on the Cloisters & Courtyards (Barcelona to London) cruise
2016 - Cloisters and Courtyards Cruise - Photo of tourists

NDSU alumni and friends in Ireland – Ring of Kerry

NDSU alumni on the Alaskan Adventures cruise

European Mosaic Excursion

Larry and Cletus Brewster – Friends of NDSU
Richard ’71 and Janette Buresh
Winton ’56 and ’66 and Ardith Fuglie
Gene ’69 and Wilma ’65 Haring
Francis ’69 and Kay Koch Harland ’59
Sharon Ormbreck
Allan and Janelle ’74 Skogen

Alaskan Discovery Cruise

Glenn and Connie ’72 Augustine
Ordea ’68 and Lynnae Christianson
Carl ’62 and Ellen ’64 Larson
Cale ’70 and Marcia ’71 Shipman
Loren ’70 and Lynette ’73 Winters
Bob ’62 and ’65 and Darlene Yaggie

Passage to Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Barry ’77 and Julien Batcheller
Jane Galehouse ’70
Pam Galehouse – Friend of NDSU
Roger ’70 and Kathy ’69 Ivesdal
Gordon ’75 and Mary Johnson
Marilyn Martinsen ’58
Janice Mickelson ’58
Paul ’72 and Signe ’74 Nystuen
Ron and Mary Beth Peterson – Friends of NDSU
James ’65 and Norma ’66 Rystedt
Keith Satermo ’60 and Joyce Montplaisir
Bob ’69 and Sheryl Treitline
David and Sharon Wilson – Friends of NDSU

Treasure of South Africa

“We had an absolutely fabulous trip! This was our second trip with Alumni Holiday Inc. (AHI) and they have done an excellent job both times. We encourage other alumni to take advantage of the service and expertise provided by NDSU and their travel partners.”

Robert and Joyce Knodell

Treasure of South Africa
Rod & Anne on the Rovos Rail

“Our trip to Africa, with NDSU’s travel partner AHI, was fabulous. The trip provided an outstanding itinerary. It was well thought out, planned, and executed. The food was excellent and the hotels were five star. We also took the optional post-trip extension to Victoria Falls and Botswana; it was a great addition and a highlight of our trip. We look forward to participating in many more excursions offered by NDSU and their travel partners.”

Rod and Anne Link

Italian Inspiration Luxury Cruise

“We have been on four cruises and we feel hands down this was the best. It was well organized, fun, interesting, and the people were friendly and great to hang out with.”

Wayne ’72 and Joanne Schlekewy

Norway Fjordlands

“It was a great trip! We really enjoyed it. Our tour guide Rado and local guides were great. The country was beautiful! We really liked staying in one hotel, which was very nice, and taking one-day excursions. We look forward to future trips and hope more NDSU alumni will join us.”

Beth and Mark Walstead

Switzerland and Germany’s Black Forest and Best of the Italian Riviera and Tuscany 

“Each trip was a wonderful time! The traveling was easy. The countries were beautiful, the tour guides knowledgeable and kind, and the accommodations were perfect. We took all the excursions and enjoyed each one.”

Verlaine Gullickson


“Our trip to China was fabulous! We appreciated how easy everything was. The transportation went very smooth. We checked our luggage at the airport when we left the states and our bags were waiting for us in our hotel room. The hotel was beautiful. The travel host was organized, knowledgeable and very nice. The food was wonderful. The trip was fun and informative. We look forward to taking another one.”

Merle and Margaret McMorrow

Paris and London and Best of the Italian Riviera and Tuscany

"The trips we took were great! We met some very nice people, the service was wonderful, and the guides were very informative. We will definitely travel with you again and recommend it to others.”

Harlan and Yvonne Russell

Scandinavia & Russian Splendors Luxury Cruise

“This trip was excellent in that the ports of call were extensive and places I had always wanted to go. It was a dream come true. I hope more NDSU alumni and friends take advantage of these trips.”

Margaret Sellin

Jewels of the Mediterranean and Greek Isles Cruise

“This trip was great! The optional excursions were excellent and well worth the investment. We encourage other alumni and friends to consider taking a trip with NDSU and one of their travel partners.”

Dale and LaRon Croft

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